The common thread weaving my photographs together is a search for the hidden nature of things. Land, objects, plants - everything has memory, and places are always secretly holding thoughts from another time, just below the surface. This subtle refraction of the familiar is what my photographs try to imitate. This hiddenness implies an absence of distinction, one thing always fading into everything else, into everything it is not. I’m always drawn to the places which lead me to wonder what was there before, places which suggest something that is not always apparent unless you slow down and really communicate with the land. The photographs I use for shows are framed by wood salvaged from the Barn in Brookhaven NY, which burned down in January of 2010. For over 100 years, the barn was overflowing with a beautiful creative spirit - ancient and full of stories, but always open to new adventures and creations. Being inside felt like another time and place, free from the things which stifle spontaneity, revelry, intuition and imagination. Now just a field again, the hidden spirit of the barn has gone adrift - intangible, diaphanous as the smoke which took it - it weaves through the landscape, given life through the breadth of its resonance.

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